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. . . sind diese Museums-Seiten hier gedacht, denn viele wissen nicht mehr oder noch nicht, wie es damals angefangen hat und wie das wirklich funktioniert mit den Tonband- und den Magnetbandgeräten aus alter Zeit. Viele Bilder können Sie durch Anklicken vergrößern, auch dieses.

Die US Bandgeräte-Galerie aus dem US Katalog von 1958

Es sind 24 Seiten ganz dicht bedruckt, und es ist erstaunlich viel Text.



935 Commercial Street, Palo Alto, Calif.


Nach deren Aussagen baute Alto Fonic Rundfunk taugliche Abspielgeräte, die im laufenden Musik-Programm automatische Werbeeinblendungen vornahmen. Das große Bandgerät wurde mit einem mechanischen Timer angehalten und bekam von der Jingle-Maschine die Werbung zugespielt und wurde dann wieder gestartet. Und sowieso, 2000 Dollar waren damals wirklich viel Geld.


Model 450D with pre-amp $855.00

Model 450DA with combination pre-amp power amplifier and mixer $972.00


  • 50-10,000 cycles (±1 db) at 7½"/sec.
  • 50-15,000 cycles (±4 db) at 7½"/sec.
  • 50-7500 cycles (±2 db) at 3¾"/sec.


Add $30.00 for 7½ ips (inches per second)


Ampex-designed, proved, licensed. Plays dual track, pre­recorded, 8-hour tapes continuously. Plays 4 hours on one track, reverses automatically and plays 4 hours on the opposite track, reversing and repeating indefinitely. Signal-to-noise ratio -50 db. Simplest mechanism driven by one hysteresis synchronous motor and unique Ampex reel take-up system. Includes plug-in electronic section with positive metallic tape impulse automatic reversing. Exclusive reel change switch. Operates with variety of accessories including Ad Merchandiser. Model 45ODA, same as above except has combination preamp and 12 Watt high fidelity power amplifier with 4, 8, 16 ohm and 70-volt output. Individual volume controls for music, microphone, chimetone pager, Ad Merchandiser; master gain control and tone control. Receptacle for timers, microphones, low impedance transformer, and Ad Merchandiser.

ALTO FONIC Model 465

Model 465 Deluxe Console $1191.00

Model 466 $1140.00


Model 465 contains Ampex-designed Model 450DA. Completely automatic. Space for Ad Merchandiser unit in top control section exposed by lifting hinged lid. Master volume control and monitor volume control. Extended range monitor speaker in a separate enclosure within console. 37" high, 34" wide, 18" deep. Shipping weight, 161 lbs.


Model 466. The same basic unit as 465, in cabinet of Zolotone (no front panel). Master and monitor volume controls and automatic timer control. (T10). (Without T10 Timer, $1095.00) Monitor speaker included.


ALTO FONIC Model 455

RACK SERIES Model 455-50WR $1397.00

Model 458 Dual Unit - Automatic intermix programming system $ 2275.00


A typical rack installation including rack, 450D, monitor panel, T10 Timer panel, 50WR 50-watt high fidelity amplifier and blank panel. Other combinations are possibfec with the Ad merchandisers, various power amplifiers, timers, chimetone, and voice paging. An automatic programming system for FM radio stations, wired music, community television networks, closed circuit systems, etc. Timers and silent sensing provides switching between any desired number of selections from each 45OD. Ad Merchandiser also can be used to insert announcements automatically.

ALTO FONIC Model 480

  • Model 480 Ad Merchandiser $345.00
  • Model 482 (Price on request)
  • Model 483 (Price on request)


50-7500 cycles (±2 db) at 3¾"/sec.


Provides for automatic insertion of a series of announcements one at a time, between musical selections, with builtin silent sensing. Playback only. Selector switch permits selection of 1 to 10 musical selections between ads. Switch provides for monitoring cartridge without affecting background music. Easy to change snapin Cousino cartridge 1 to 28 minutes. Larger cartridge provides up to one hour. Mounts in top panel of Alto Fonic consoles, or in drawer of rack systems. Meets all specifications of 450 unit. Plugs into 450DA. Model 482 is same as Model 480 but selfcontained and automatic. Play back only. Heavy duty. Cousino cartridge for any length announcements totaling 2 to 60 minutes. Self contained 3 Watt amplifier and speaker. High impedance output available for other amplifier! External switch will trigger start or builtin timer may be set for time intervals from 5 minutes to 1 hour. Model 483 is same as 482 with playback/record combination including microphone and level indicator. Grip to talk switch controls recording.



Division of American Electronics, Inc. 9449 West Jefferson Blvd. Culver City, Calif.




  • Model 31, full track recorder............$695.00
  • Model 32, half track recorder..........$695.00
  • Model 33, stereo recorder................$995.00


Modification ST, to full track, half track and two channel stereo........$204.00



  • 50-15,000 cycles (±2 db) at 15"/sec.
  • 50-12,000 cycles (±2 db) at 7½"/sec.
  • 50-6,500 cycles (±2 db) at 3¾"/sec.



All Series 30 models have following features:

Two-speed direct drive hysteresis synchronous motor and two torque motors; 3 heads with provision for 2 more; 4½" VU-type meter; 2-channel input mixer; A-B test fader for cueing/editing switch. Instant speed selection of 15" sec. and 7½" sec. or 3¾" sec. and 7½" sec. Signal to noise, 55 db by proposed NAB Standard (full track). Total harmonic distortion, 2% at zero VU. Total flutter and wow, less than 0.1% rms at 15"/sec., 0.2% at 7½" sec. Fast forward and rewind, less than 60 sec. for 2500 ft. High impedance microphone input and unbalanced bridging input. Output impedance, cathode follower, 600 ohms with plug-in transformer.




  • Model 61 $495.00
  • Model 62 $595.00
  • Model 63 $695.00


(Cases for above $60.00 extra)


  • 30-15,000 cycles (±2 db) at 15"/sec.
  • 40-12,000 cycles (±2 db) at 7½"/sec.



All Series 60 models have the following features: two high-speed torque motors with positive self compensating braking system. Direct hysteresis synchronous tape drive for 99.8% accuracy. Torque control switch and concentric playback level control. Fivepushbutton control. VU type meter. Tape speeds are 15" sec. and 7½" sec. or 3¾" sec. and 7½" sec. Signal-to-noise ratio is 45 db at 7½ ips single track, 50 db at 15 ips single track. Wow and flutter is 0.15% rms at 15 ips, 0.25% rms at 7½ ips Bias frequency is 100 kc.

Model 61 is half track record/playback. Model 62 is half track record, with half track, full track and stereo play­back. Model 63 is full stereo record/playback.


312 Seventh Ave. New York 1, N. Y.


Model G255 SP

Geloso "StenOtape" Portable Recorder $179.95



  • 60-10,000 cycles at 3¾"/sec.
  • 80-8,000 cycles at 1⅞/sec.



Imported (from Italy) dual track recorder and dictating / transcriber. Speeds: 1⅞ sec. and 3¾" sec. Four push-button controls for record, fast rewind, playback and stop. Uses foot pedal and finger-tip "remote" controls ($19.95 each) for instantaneous start, stop and back space. Automatic erase and correction. Operates in boat or auto with Inverter. "Glo-light" recording level indicator. Special adjustment for line voltages between 110 and 240 AC. Can play up to 128 minutes. Transparent lucite cover for dust pro­tection. Preamp output for hi-fi system. Extension speaker jack. Many accessories available. Dimensions: 5½" x 9" x 5". Weight: 7½ lbs.

AMPEX CORPORATION (professional)

4 Charter St. Redwood City California

AMPEX CORPORATION (professional) Model 300 C

Model 300 C Console Tape Recorder $2250.00


  • 30-15,000 cycles (±2 db) at 15" sec.
  • 40-15,000 cycles (±4 db) at 7½" sec.
  • (and ±2 db 40 to 10,000 cycles)



Professional-type, single-track, dual-speed recorder operating at 15" and 7½" per second. Signal-to-noise, over 60 db by NAB standards. Instant start and stop. Flutter and wow, less than 0.1% at 15"/sec. Rewind time 1 min. for 2400-ft. reel. Timing accuracy, ± 0.2%. Push button controls for start, stop and record - may be remotely operated. Separate long-life, plug-in heads for erase, record and playback. Other features as on Model 351 below. Also available for portable or rack mounting. Available only on a factory-direct basis.

AMPEX CORPORATION (professional) Model 351

Model 351 Console Tape Recorder $1475.00



  • 30-15,000 cycles (±2 db) at 15" sec.
  • 30-15,000 cycles (±4 db) at 7½" sec.
  • 50-7,500 cycles ( 2 db) at 3¾" sec.



Professional-type single or dual-track recorder with tape speeds of 7½" and 15" or 3¾"  and 7½". Signal-to-noise, 60 db (single track) or 55 db (dual track). Flutter and wow, less than 0.2% at 15 "/sec. Instantaneous starting. Rewind time 1 min. for 2400 ft. reel. Timing accuracy, 4 0.2%. Features new "plugin" printed circuits, new lownoise input stage, new plus 8 output, new internal power supply, and "depopped" recording controls. Pushbutton controls for start, stop, fast forward and rewind. Independent record and playback systems permit monitoring input or tape during recording or playback. Also available for portable or rack mounting.


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