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Die Spezifikationen des S-DLT Bandes

Super DLTtapeTM 1 - the next big performance step for Fujifilm's proven DLTtapeTM medium.


Fujifilm's new Super DLTtapeTM I data cartridge establishes a new standard in mid-range storage media. DLTtapeTM drives and media are the de facto industry standard for the data backup and archiving demands of a whole range of users -from high-end workstations and department-level servers to enterprise-level storage systems. Now Fujifilm's Super DLTtapeTM I data cartridge represents a major step upward in performance and capacity - 320GB compressed (160GB native), with transfer speeds of 32MB/sec compressed (22MB/sec native) when used in the SDLT320 tape drive. Plus the reliability and durability that our customers have come to depend on to protect their data investments.


An ideal balance of high capacity and performance


The high-capacity, high-accuracy performanceof Fujifilm's Super DLTtapeTM I data cartridge is made possible by a number of technological innovations. The Pivoting Optical Servo (POS) combines high-density magnetic data recording with laser servo guidance to provide an order of magnitude track count increase over previous DLTtapeTM products. Laser Guided Magnetic Recording (LGMR) combines the best of magnetic and optical recording technologies - the optical tracking is on the reverse side, so the entire front side of the tape can be used exclusively for data recording, another factor allowing more recording tracks. An advanced tape-cutting mechanism helps provide extremely stable media with for smooth lateral tape motion. With these innovations and the use of industry-acclaimed ATOMM technology, the birth of this revolutionary media, providing high reliability, high capacity (up to 320GB compressed), and high transfer rates (up to 32MB/s compressed), was made possible.


Fujifilm's Super DLTtapeTM I data cartridge incorporates a newly designed cartridge with an internal circular waII and structural ribbing, creating a stiffer, sturdier case for safer handling and damage protection. The Super DLTtapeTM I data cartridge also utilizes a positive engagement mechanism - a highly robust tape leader-buckling mechanism designed for high duty-cycle automated environments - for safer, more accuate loading each and every time the tape is used.


Backward compatibility


TheSuper DLTtapeTM system is designed to build upon the enormous success of the DLTtapeTM format, the most successful tape drive platform in history. Super DLTtapesTM will offer backward-read compatibility with DLTtapeTM 4000, 7000 and 8000 series drives and Benchmark DLTTM DLT I, covering multiple generations of hardware and millions of existing data cartridges.

Cartridge Type
Super DLTtapeTM1
Cleaning Cartridge
Basic Specifications
Tape Drive
SDLT 220
SDLT 320
Capacity (Compressed)
110 GB (220 GB)
160 GB (320 GB)
Transfer Rate (Compressed)
11 MB/s (22 MB/s )
16 MB/s (32 MB/s)
Number of Tracks
Cartridge Color
Physical Characteristics
Tape Width
12.65 mm
Tape Thickness
9 µm
Tape Length
564 m
434 m
Cartridge Dimensions (L x W x H)
105.8 x 105.4 x 25.4 mm
Operating Environmental Conditions
10 to 40 °C
20 to 80 % (No dew condensation)
Max. Wet Bulb Temperature
26 °C
Archival Environmental Conditions
16 to 32 °C
20 to 80 % (No dew condensation)
Max. Wet Bulb Temperature
26 °C
Weight(With case)
Super DLTtapeTM 1
160 GB / 320 GB*
105.8 x 105.4 x 25.4 mm
280 g (0.62 lbs.)
110 GB / 220 GB**
265 g (0.58 lbs.)

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