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The first 'small format' for ENG and EFP. based on the Betamax consumer VCR format, the Betacam system uses separate tracks for luminance and colour difference signals. The chrominance information is time-compressed, so that two channels fit within one track. This component approach allows the various channels to be optimised according to their duty. The format includes two longitudinal, analogue audio tracks.

Signal system
Analogue, component.
Geometry Helical
No. of rotating heads 6
Scanner diameter 74.487 * (upper) mm
Rotation speed 25 * rev/s
Tracks/revolution 4(2Y,2C) *  
Head-to-tape speed 5.75 m/s
Video track angle 4.60 degree
  Video Chroma
Track width 86 73 µm
Track pitch 161.4 80.5 µm
Azimuth -15 +15 degree
Tape Properties  
Coercivity 650 Oe
Type Cobalt modified oxide
Width 12.65 mm
Thickness (total) 25 (max) µm
Tape Consumption  
Linear 101.51 mm/s
Areal 0.077 m²/min
Shelf volume 514 cm³/h
Electrical Characteristics  
  Video Chroma
Sync tip carrier frequ. 4.4 5.78** MHz
Blanking 4.97 4.5** MHz
Peak white 6.4   MHz
Peak positive video   3.83** MHz
Peak negative video   5.17** MHz
Shortest wavelength 0.9   µm

* The format standard does not preclude other arrangements, provided the standard tape footprint is maintained.
** For 100% colour bars.

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