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An embedded track finding and following system avoids the need to read a longitudinal control track at slow tape speed. Very small cassettes are used and the current (type P5-) metal particle tapes offer recording times up to 2h. Thinner metal evaporated tapes are expected to become available which will offer extended times. The format includes 'buried' FM audio recording on a 1.5 MHz carrier and a variety of PCM audio options using 10- to 8-bit companding.

Signal system
Analogue, composite video, FM audio, PCM audio.
Geometry Helical
No. of rotating heads 2
Scanner diameter 40 mm
Rotation speed 25 rev/s
Tracks/revolution 2  
Head-to-tape speed 3.12 m/s
Video track angle 4.91 degree
Track width 34.4 µm
Track pitch 34.4 µm
Azimuth ±10.0 degree
Tape Properties
Coercivity * 1500MP or 950 ME Oe
Type Metal particle or m. evaporated
Width 8.00 mm
Thickness (total) 13.0 MP or 10.0? ME µm
Tape Consumption
Linear 20.05 mm/s
Areal 0.01 m²/min
Shelf volume 59.4 cm³/h
Electrical Characteristics
Sync tip carrier frequ. 4.2 MHz
Peak white 5.4 MHz
Chroma s/c 0.732 ** MHz
Shortest wavelength 0.58 µm

* Tape magnetic properties are not stated in the standard; suitability is ascertained by comparison with reference tapes.
** Strictly 46.875fh. Track 1 has phase continuous chroma s/c, track 2 has phase retarded 90° at every horizontal interval.

IEC 843

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