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D2 (4fsc) FORMAT (IEC 60B (Sec) 200)

D2 (4fsc) FORMAT

A composite digital recording system with conventional analogue inputs and outputs. Internal A/D and D/A conversion uses 8-bit quantising at four times the sub-carrier frequency. Four digital audio channels are provided with 20-bit quantising at 48 kHz. Metal particle tape is used in cassettes conforming to the D1 outline. This approach extends the recording time for a given tape length (and hence size of cassette) by a factor of almost three compared to the D1 system.

Signal system
Digital, composite.
Geometry Helical
No. of rotating heads 4 or 8 *  
Scanner diameter 96.4 * mm
Rotation speed lOO * rev/s
Tracks/revolution 4 *  
Head-to-tape speed 30.4 m/s
Video track angle 6.13 degree
Track width 35.0 µm
Track pitch 35.0 µm
Azimuth ±15 degree
Tape Properties
Coercivity 1500 Oe
Type Metal particle
Width 19.01 mm
Thickness (total) 13 (max) µm
Tape Consumption
Linear 131.7 mm/s
Areal 0.15 m²/min
Shelf volume 717 cm³/h
Electrical Characteristics
Shortest wavelength 0.79 µm
Input data rate 142 vid 3.85 aud Mbit/s
Packing density 2532 bit/mm

* Value for a typical implementation. The standard specifies the foot-print on tape, not how it is to be achieved.
IEC 60B (Sec) 200

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