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FORMAT MII (IEC 60B (Sec) 191)

A ½-inch professional format based on a metal particle tape cassette conforming to the VHS outline. The earlier M-l system, not widely used in PAL, used frequency multiplexing to accommodate luminance and chrominance components on the same tape track. M-ll uses one track for the luminance and a second track for the two time-compressed colour difference signals. The format includes two longitudinal analogue and two FM audio channels.

Signal system
Analogue, component.
Geometry Helical
No. of rotating heads 10 (typical)  
Scanner diameter 75.9 mm
Rotation speed 25 rev/s
Tracks/revolution 4  
Head-to-tape speed 5.9 m/s
Video track angle   degree
  Video Chroma  
Track width 56 36 µm
Track pitch 56 36 µm
Azimuth +15 -15 degree
Tape Properties
Coercivity 1500 Oe
Type Metal particle
Width 12.65 mm
Thickness (total) 14 µm
Tape Consumption
Linear 66.295 mm/s
Areal 0.05 m²/min
Shelfvolume 483 cm³/h
Electrical Characteristics
  Video Chroma  
Sync tip carrier frequ. 6.63 4.71 MHz
Blanking 7.40   MHz
Peak white 9.20 6.20 MHz
Peak positive video   7.00* MHz
Peak negative video   5.40* MHz
Shortest wavelength 0.64   µm

* For 100% colour bars. IEC 60B (Sec) 191

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