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A Superior Performance version of the H format using a higher video carrier frequency and bandwidth with increased (colour under) chroma bandwidth to improve signal-to-noise ratios. Often includes a Dolby C option for the audio. Many 'SP' recorders automatically distinguish, and give H format performance with older tapes.

Signal system
Analogue, composite, 'colour under'.
Geometry Helical
No. of rotating heads 6 (typical)
Scanner diameter 110.0 mm
Rotation speed 25 rev/s
Tracks/revolution 2  
Head-to-tape speed 8.54 m/s
Video track angle 4.97 degree
Track width 85.0 µm
Track pitch 137.0 µm
Azimuth Perpendicular degree
Tape Properties  
Coercivity 750 Oe
Type Cobalt modified oxide
Width 19.0 mm
Thickness (total) 27 (max) µm
Tape Consumption
Linear 95.3 mm/s
Areal 0.11 m²/min
Shelf volume 990 cm³/h
Electrical Characteristics
Sync tip carrier frequ. 5.6 MHz
Peak white 7.2 MHz
Chroma s/c 0.924 MHz
Shortest wavelength 1.19 µm


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