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A composite digital recording system using linear 8-bit sampling at 4fSc and ½-inch metal particle tape. The small cassette offers 64 minutes playing time and the large 125 minutes. An extra large cassette provides 245 minutes.


The format includes 4 digital audio channels with 48 kHz sampling and 16 to 20 bit quantising. The video signal processing is similar to that of D2. Azimuth recording is used with guard bands when editing.

Signal system
Digital composite video with digital audio.
Geometry Helical  
No. of rotating heads 10  
Scanner diameter 76.0 mm
Rotation speed 100 rev/s
Tracks/revolution 4  
Head-to-tape speed 23.88 m/s
Video track angle 4.9173 degree
Track width 18 µm
Track pitch 18 µm
Azimuth ±20 degree
Tape Properties
Coercivity 1500 Oe
Type Metal particle
Width 12.65 mm
Thickness (total) 11 or 14 µm
Tape Consumption
Linear 83.88 mm/s
Areal 0.064 m²/min
Shelf volume 315 cm³/h
Electrical Characteristics
Shortest wavelength 0.71 µm
Input data rate 142 vid 3.85 aud Mbit/s
Packing density 3226 bit/mm


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